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Genre Electronic
No. in band -1
Year formed 2008
Dayton, United States
     Toxicanimal is the solo project of Charlie lam.

 Charlie has been playing guitar since he was fourteen years old, he has been in metal bands as lead rhythm guitarist.

 For such bands as Orion, Deathstars Orion reached some success as road band opening for well-rounded acts all around his home town of Dayton Ohio.

Since then he started playing piano for over 20 years then he got into the industrial scene for his love of music.

Seeing such acts as Skinny Puppy, NIN Live, from that Moment on He has been creating synths sounds music patches for His genre Industrial music.

He writes haunting baselines Mixed with ethereal synth runs hard hitting Drums to Fill the Dance Floor.

He had other projects in the works For 5 Years before going solo that ended with compilations due to unseen forces

Never bothered by this he relentless moved forward working on his visions for his movement

Fast Forward 5 years Now it is time for His demo to be set to the world Toxicanima1 vs. the world set out On Feb o5 2013

To be heard at dance clubs all around the world.

TOXIcAnImA1: Handles Synth Keyboard Music Production.

TOXIcAnImA1’s Demo Toxicanima1 Vs. The World (2013)

Track One: Aftermath

Track Two: mein madchen die blutet

Track Three: Welcome to Hell

Track Four: Don't Look up Alice

Track Five: Enter The Mind

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