Are FAQs actual questions from real people?
Nope. They're mostly a list of questions the marketing department wishes you would ask or another opportunity for lawyers to feel purposeful.

What do I do if I need support?
Please contact us at support@overplaygames.com.
Please provide as many details as possible so we can help.

Can I make my own Overplay?
Yes you can! Overplay's guiding principle is to allow people to make their own games. Absolutely no coding required.
Currently you will need to be part of our Beta program in order to create a game.

How do I join your creator Beta program?
Send us an email at make@overplaygames.com and let us know...
What kind of games you would like to create. If you already have a YouTube, Instagram or Twitter please let us know how to find you.

How do I download the Authoring Software?
We will provide a link to download the Authoring Software when you are invited to join our creator Beta program.

What do I do if someone made a game from my video content without my permission?
Please contact us at rights@overplaygames.com and let us know so we can investigate, and if it's yours we'll take it down.

How do I contact Overplay if I have feedback or question not covered here?
You can always contact us at info@overplaygames.com with any questions or concerns.